The mission of SquareOne Villages is to create self-managed communities of cost-effective tiny homes for people in need. Our non-profit organization has developed three tiny home villages in Lane County, Oregon—Opportunity Village, Emerald Village, and Cottage Village—and more are in the works. We also provide consulting services and resources to other entities looking to implement similar housing models in their community. Our approach is committed to engaging village residents and the surrounding community in the process; thus SquareOne not only builds affordable housing, we build equity through diverse community collaborations.



EcoThrive Housing is a Washington nonprofit building beautiful, thriving communities with people who need them.  We build equity at the grassroots through our commitment to inclusive process, financial transparency and sustainability. Distinguished from a standard nonprofit housing model, we center our work on the theme – Not For, But With – engaging people in building and governing their own communities. EcoThrive aims to develop and apply low-cost/high impact, scalable solutions that meet the basic needs of people who are unhoused or are experiencing housing instability.



Lopez Community Land Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit that builds a diverse, sustainable Lopez Island community through affordable housing, sustainable agriculture, and other dynamic rural development programs. They are an early pioneer of Cooperative Land Trust Housing.  Incorporated in 1989 to meet the challenge of the cost of housing rising 190% in one year, Lopez CLT has gone on to develop  6 limited-equty co-ops on the Island. While each co-op is small, ranging from just 4 to 11 units per co-op, the scale works well for the rural community and also allows for a more engaging sweat equity component for residents.